Thursday, June 23, 2011

Energy Vampire

"Darkness consists of anything that is of a lower/heavier vibration such as anger, fear, depression, jealousy, hatred etc."                   

I just read an article on this new age spirituality website that has information on anything from the ways of the Veda's to healing through crystals and self help. The writer, Lisa Whatley, speaks rather urgently about the case of the "Psychic Vampire" also known as an "Energy Vampire". She begins with "Energy stealers are everywhere! They are your family members, your friends and they are your co-workers and YOU may even be one yourself."

It seems her mission in this piece to rescue the reader from continuing on ignorant to these "cords" that we develop, often subconsciously, to outside things, people, places. "... A psychic vampire is a person that steals other people’s energies because they are living their life in victim consciousness and believe that everything happens ’to’ them. Living in this manner is very dis-empowering. Therefore  in order for them to feel better about themselves they need to attach themselves to another person’s energy field. In order for this ‘vampire’ to attach themselves to your energy body, they form cords attaching the two of you together. When they need a boost, they unconsciously steal your energy instead of using their own..."                

I'm writing this because her article made me realize I have accumulated several attachments. When I moved back from New York at the end of December 2010, my body felt lighter.. Ironically I weighed 20 pounds more! I had nothing but a suitcase for 6 months, that's the most free I've felt up to date.

Whatley gives advice on how to clear the negative energy attachments. What made me realize I've become rooted here with "stuff" is when she says to burn all things with negative energy. All of my old journals are stacked up. Until a year ago, with the exception of a few short-lived waves of optimism, the content is negative overall. It's honest, and I think the darkness can be beautiful, but looking back I don't want to carry it with me..... so do I burn 'em? I'd like to publish them a before glimpse at my polar opposite mind, the shadow before I realized I LOVE MY LIFE. It's funny, sometimes when I'm driving these days I'll catch myself repeating happily in my mind " I love my life" sometimes "Thank you..."                                                                                                                                     
                           Confession: I think it's possible that before my accident I MIGHT HAVE BEEN AN ENERGY VAMPIRE :( My mind wasn't saying "I love my life," it was saying things closer to I need this or that, yuck, thank you I'm so happy to be free of that....
                                                                                                                                             P. Leigh
here's a link to the article

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