Thursday, October 11, 2007

I felt your anger today
the way you do when you cut right through me
but the colors were different from what you see
inside my locked view i took no victims

My blood started rising
lava shooting through my veins like seizures
the clouds ached grey and out of focus

I felt your anger poisoning my heart
a selfish contempt for the world ahead
burning toxic with an irrational one-way view

this anger you channeled so carelessly
that you fed off so frequently
filled and raped my body of all good today
immature i sought only war

but you see im small
i cannot annhialite another's will like you
and my body can not handle this rocket size anger
no not like yours... it was so simple to swallow it whole and unleash its blood on my hands
no i didn't take prisoners the way you did

i felt your anger so hard and fast today
i was inside the fire that overtakes you
but I chose to stay still
i didn't fall down with its deathly current
no not like you