Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is a rant.MUSICIANS..utilize your medium better.

I wish more musicians used their medium to make listeners aware of all the fucked upness of the world (& of course the positive things people can extract real value from like spiritual knowledge, aphorisms, I don't care about your bitches or your hoes or your caviar, it's pretty fucking stupid actually).

 This simple part of the chorus made me stop what I was doing completely, commanding my attention because I already know how terrible a machine Monsanto, the more you know the more you see-- "Rise up against the petroleum companies . . . diamond companies . . . companies like Monsanto." 

 The Monsanto company stole hundreds of acres of farm land from farmers all across the midwest claiming that they had illegally grew Monsanto's patented seed when in reality the pollen from the crop harvested from the Monsanto seed had in most cases blown out of the trucks during transportation.
                --- many people don't know this but in 1993 the FDA and the FTC allowed Monsanto company to patent a LIFE, it was a kernel of corn, a genetically modified life that they own. When a bug attacks that kernel of corn the bug itself actually dies, it registers the food as a pesticide because it has been genetically modified to contain amounts of the pesticide in the genetic make-up of the plant.

Seemingly a genius if your into chemicals I guess; BUT!! they took it much further. In the song the verse about Monsanto continues on "they used they're trick to make my people hungry." Well that's because years later Monsanto created a seed that would harvest only once, but they didn't tell anyone that. Then they sold/gave/distributed it (I'm not sure which) to many third world countries, Mexico was furious, this song makes me think it must have been planted in Africa too. This is extremely detrimental to the future of our agricultural resources-- mainly because when the patent seeds cross-pollinate with the natural seeds, they yield something unnatural, if we're not careful we'll be collecting seeds in place of the coins which occupied our grandparents display cases.

Anyways my point was music has a good way of reaching people on a semantic and informational level, as well as an emotional level which gives musicians the power to mobilize listeners with passion and truth.

The clip from the first documentary below shows the connections between Monsanto and other Agro companies and politicians. It's disgusting. There's no such thing as the EPA or FDA, there's no such thing as 'Organic'.....

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