Thursday, May 19, 2011

can somebody just pay me to rhyme all day long...seriously, i'd love that.

We are all packed up and in with all we need
here on our missions
released from light we came to life
in a fruition of divine division
the notes playing bleed intuition
but the road ahead is winding
and charcoal thunder clouds soar above indecision.

It's almost time for new tires.
I don't even notice the pressure
as its burning rubber down to wire.

Sometimes I get so lost
trying to decipher destiny in desire
Losing logic to lust and love to liars
walking the plank one of them prepared to jump
but in a flash the drop retired
the heat rose up from the belly of the fire
tricked into trance in a state of admirer

pushing past the stillness
a coalition of currents came chaotic
feel this?
This ignition screaming deterrents
but reason is robotic
feeling absent. consumed. swallowed up. erotic.
like serpents in a void
anthems of fatally blind faith confused for patriotic  
I waived my will for what I sought, the melodic
I thought I tasted love but I guess I swallowed narcotics 

We are all here on these little missions
And I like my journey fine
inadvertently perfect.
The path pre-designed.
Before the control burn came worded in seductful crime
I learned I exist best when the path isn't one I have to mine
the gold is in my finger tips, the trial is training it to shine

and it's bouncing all around inside of you, and you, and you....
Free radicals 'til you find the space
narrow down define.
We are all just moving passengers waving,
unexpected hellos, unavoidable goodbye's
I thought we could help each other on our way
Honest love is enough, it's okay
there's no need to stay...

I got consumed there somewhere along the line
careful child, bones wear thin if you try to carry 
everything all the time
taste buds galvanize and overtake the mind
they'll shake you from your marble mantle
passions claw, rooted unrefined.
In my soul I let the water wilt as I trolled along in wine
fishing for something got me tangled in nothing

no judgement. Life can be exciting when your blind.
But the future is bright, and my vision is clear
so the only mistake now would be to press rewind
this is goodbye my dear...

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