Wednesday, May 11, 2011

samsara escapes the death grip on youth...

We are the indigo kids
A new generation.
The wavelengths reformatted.
This is the beginning of creation
Or.. Fall into the static inferno.
The old ways are outdated,
we're painting the past, present and future

The world has been pickled by the hearts of men,
greed multiplied by grief and back again.
Colonial green further darkened the the light,
with rusted blood lines their branches descend,
natural laws phased from the masses,
purposely distorting things like the value of oxygen..
Skulls in hoods stole the bones from intuition.
The unnoticed incision.

I'm a Hopi Indian
we're all a part of them.
We were once monks in Tibet..
The Earth has turned soil for centuries
mind bodies digested with enzymes of human regret..
We are the people with the triangle on our foreheads,
we've come to catalyze the reset
we are here to take care of tomorrow,
to spark fire in life and give love truth to defend
all these life cycles seemed like only seconds
in the grand spectrum of the end
but they've added up--
recycled souls, we can no longer pretend

look close...
the moon shines through
a beacon of truth. awaken third eye.
There's no place for 'a tooth for a tooth.'
or scales of pounds and flesh,
The material body's destiny is empty and dry
samsara escapes the death grip on youth
and you're already scheduled to die...

We are everything and nothing
simultaneously united by the same something.
Nomad's in a new age
we're here to change the channel,
our case connection is growing
the program -- many won't know how to handle,
get side-tracked, stale in the mundane
or lost in the chaotic
either way,
the past is swallowing all that is robotic...
.......the future is breaking into weightless liberation
-----Get With It


Portia Leigh

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