Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Great song. But I OBJECT!

AmazZZZing song. I disagree completely with the message it's sending.

This song captures her emotion in a way that makes the way she's feeling clearly transferrable, at least I feel it when I hear it, like my body hurts a little bit or a little extra weight just got added to my heart... I'm sure we can all bring ourselves back to a past love who has occupied our brain space for a significant period of time, but nobody should waste so much time thinking about someone if it's not reciprocatory.

As human beings we have ourselves to think about here, you know discovering those things that make you you, the things we're on this planet to cultivate in ourselves, don't forget those things, emotions are powerful, but why allow yourself to get tangled and drained in a situation when THERE ARE A MILLION AND ONE fish in the sea....

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