Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Karma is the balance judging
But life is not court and you won’t win from grudging
So quick, run and tell the others
while your balance is off
it's not safe to be lovers

Just remember you can’t sue for the blues
So breathe deep, solidify your structure
This electric heart muse
needs the option to rupture
and with no attachments to lose
I’ve abandoned all clutter
I don't fear the bruise
because I'm fine in the gutter
in forgetting results
and releasing the cover,
We unlock deadbolts
and prepare to discover
the unpredictability of new paths
new lovers
and since no reality lasts
we can only be transient in others

So if its all destined to fade
why not open the shudders
let the sun in a bit
watch it burn down the shade

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