Sunday, March 13, 2011

archiving old writings

Caution killed Desire and a Faded Glow

If you ask her if she understands
you'll find she speaks loudest
with the touch of her hand
she gives what she needs
so they never demand
trading true feelings
for what everyone can stand

leaving the diary tragedies
to drown on the floor of the ocean
it makes for lighter travel
without the weight of devotion
so gone are the sunsets
once painted in pure emotion
while those energetic times told of progress
the aftermath rewound us in slow motion

These days she says I'm always alright
we're all trying to get swept up in obsession
without the burden of connection
but passionate love is a blinding sight
so whats wrong with a little deception
I can still feel if I squeeze pretty tight

so it's okay to just fall in line
step by step with all the other robots
racing by loves' maze of mines 
cause everybody has got somewhere to be
there just isn't the time
to pause, collect and see
that the castles they're building are so far from free

And this place punctures like an adrenaline injection
in this schema everyone has to keep moving
slowly losing direction
speeding by landscapes
with no space for intuitive heart selection
amiable boredom is bought and sold
while rings grab fingers and settle apprehension
they annihilate all question concerning future rejection
leaving true love to rest catatonic and mute
the concept of an elevating connection
becomes too foreign to mention

so when you meet her
she'll accept your version of fine
with words like your insides are as black as mine
and don't worry baby I've seen worse crimes
when you find her she'll go with the flow
bearing caution killed desire and a faded glow

she was born into a swamp of toxic blood lines
and since her 20 year escape from that fatal vine
she's abandoned emotional pursuit
with callous bred insouciance towards attachments that bind
structural stability has demolished cloud nine

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