Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A rant about life, love and progress..

           It's a crazy thing thinking about the future. It's important to have goals, work creates function, it creates character; but, it's not up to us what happens really. If you notice the causal relationships in your life like I do in mine, then you'd probably see how there's no way we could have predicted the path of connected dots that has gotten us here.
           It's a crazy thing thinking about the progress our world has undergone in the last 200 years since the industrial revolution, the creation of cars and airplanes and trains and nukes and satellites, telephone wires, fucking space heaters and submarines; it's crazy to think about the 3 reactor debacle that's happening in Japan right now, potassium Iodide sold out at every store and clerks telling the panicked public they're not allowed to order more.
          If you didn't know, people are buying Potassium Iodide because it prevents our Thyroid from taking up the radiation from the surrounding environment, and essentially fucking up all of your metabolic functions. I heard the shit has been sold out for years though, so maybe it's not in account of the fact that it is said that the radiation around Japan will be greeting the West Coast, how timely depending  on the airflow.
        Everyone has a little less information than the next guy, it's likely we'll never really know what's going on until it happens. In my opinion it's better that way, it leaves less room for uncontrolled minds to run rampant. I'm not saying spit blindly into oncoming wind and hope it doesn't hit you.
    Before a series of seemingly disconnected yet synchronous events materializes and changes us as a species completely (which I feel like may be occurring now, but it's likely I'm a lil crazy too) we need to undergo a little perspectival shift.... with the progress of time and the progress of commerce and the progress of war and progress, progress fucking visible, tangible progress,.. how about we engage in a little progress surrounding the way we conceive of LOVE. how we understand and perceive the people we love.
         From an early age I've mostly seen unhappy romantic relationships; people depending on the other person for their own happiness, treating their partner like they own them, demand upon fucking demand. We're taught that if someone really loves you they'll be with you for ever (Which assumes that you should NEED them forever) and that they won't want to be with anyone else. I beg to disafuckinggree. People write each other off and abandon love over discrepancies in perception. People don't know how to talk and be accepting and understanding. I bet if we all came to the conclusion that we don't own each other we'd all be a lot happier. Honesty and trust and acceptance are more important that unrelenting ownership.
           To be honest I think we've been living under a constraining fallacy that lies in the foundation of society. A structure of permanency that is unnecessary for the individual, but necessary to the functioning of any working societal system; unfortunately, it is the model most people adhere to, those who are NOT tied to a physical place with a husband, wife and kids are by far the minority.
       We are filled early with these ideas of need, they are blinding! We don't need anything, it's safe to go with the flow, these things that come our way are ours to interpret whichever way we decide. That's the key to happiness. The things that appear to be most unbalancing, abrupt changes in paths, these things are avenues for growth and coincidentally (or not...) they are always geared towards the underdeveloped parts of us, or the parts that need work.... so relax into it, and put in some work <3

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Brittany Berman said...

i couldn't agree with you more. beautifully said!