Sunday, April 10, 2011

David Lynch: Transcendental Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity

"He whose happiness is within, whose contentment is within, whose light is all within, that yogi, being one with brahman attains eternal freedom in pure consciousness"
--The Bhagavad Gita--

Below is a link to download David Lynch's Catching the Big Fish on Audio book. He discusses his experience with transcendental meditation which he began in July 1973 at the T.M center in LA.

"It seemed so familiar, but also so new and powerful... it takes you to an ocean of pure consciousness, pure knowingness, but it's familiar, it's you, and right away a sense of happiness emerges, not a goofball happiness, but a thick beauty"

 If you're interested in tapping into your inner artist and further unlocking certain elements of creativity you may be unaware of, then I suggest you download this little piece of golden insight.

(At 101 minutes he starts talking about the perspective of the tortured artist and says despite popular belief,  the torture and pain that many believe to be their bloodline to inspiration, in fact DOES NOT HELP CREATIVITY, ultimate consciousness does)

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