Monday, August 30, 2010

K to the P it's your birthdeeeee...

What did the big candle say to the little candle?
 You're too young to go out....                                                                                
   It's my best friend Kendal's birthday, everyone wish her a happy birthday! 

                The night before my birthday Two yeARS ago I took this friend to a routine evening pilates class, we had just started becoming friends again since high school and  at the time she had no clue that my birthday was so close. When I told her, I swear to god her mouth dropped with shock, almost in resentment as if I told her she had to throw a party for the president and would only be given two hours.
      I've never really had a big deal made out of my birthday, let alone my birthday's eve, and this friend went home with record speed and rounded up some more friends at her place and surprised me with balloons, a bottle, and flowers, we then proceeded to get a little crunk and shake our tail feathers. That was one of the sweetest things a friend has done for me. I ended the night puking on her bathroom floor, and she sat on the carpet against the wall beside me and was totally happy just keeping me company, and through our slurred and broken sentences I can remember feeling so lucky that I had found such a great friend.

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